About HartBoutique

Our Inspiration

So there I was in 2007, sitting custom writing sigmaessays com writershelp custom writing sigmaessays com how to write a term paper essay maker on a beach in southern India. A beautiful Indian woman approached me with her ‘mobile nail bar’. She was stunning and her sales pitch wasn’t pushy but rather smart and thoughtful. By the way she spoke, I thought she had a Degree in Business. Her nail bar was carefully laid out and she showed tremendous pride. It occurred to me that there really was no difference between her desire to be an entrepreneur and many of the women I know back home in Canada. The difference was that at the end of each day she only had enough money to cover her basic needs (if that) and the needs of her 5 children before rising the next morning to start it all over again. Don’t get me wrong, she was a happy woman full of life but I knew her entrepreneurial spirit, if given proper nurturing, could bring her so much more – even if it was just one day off a week to spend with her children.

So fast forward to 2009, when a good friend of mine asked, “So Christine, if you weren’t a coach, what would you do?” I responded without hesitation, “I’d save the pumpkins!”. She looked at me, momentarily perplexed, and I explained that my term of endearment for children is sometimes “pumpkins”, or peanut or sweet pea or whatever comes to me at the moment. I am deeply bothered by all the children in the world that are hungry for love. I know that in many cases it is not intentional and is because of their parent’s limited access to resources.

So what have I personally done to try and make a difference?

Over the years I have volunteered for several non-profits and though I have a lot of respect for their work, my entrepreneurial mind saw something that was missing. The issue was if you are selling products to raise funds, they need to be what consumers actually want! They can’t be itchy, they can’t be poorly designed and they can’t be ill-fitting.

This is where I realized my desires to “save the pumpkins”, “encourage women’s entrepreneurial sprit” and “provide stylish products” could merge.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help women and children in need through providing stylish products that you, the consumer, LOVE. The ones that your friends, family, co-workers and even friendly strangers say, “Oh my gosh, I love your earrings/necklace/ring/hat/etc!” These are products that make you feel both beautiful and authentically you. The more you love the products we provide, the more you tell other people and the more moola we are able to give to women and children in need!

From the moment HartBoutique made its first sale, a portion of profits were given directly to Women and Children in need. Our chosen charities rotate and we are open to your suggestions!

HartBoutique is a conscious company who is writing services essaywritingservicehelp co uk buy essay essay writing service reviews write me an essay looking to give back to society by providing consumers with what they truly want to purchase.

So please, spread the word!

With care,
Christine Hart
CEO & Visionary, HartBoutique.com
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